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¿Qué esconde la mala hierba?

Weed is a way to refer to a combination of rumors and misinformation that equals two different breedings of the Cannabis Sativa plant: Marihuana and Hemp. The second one is not psychoactive but a durable natural fiber that needs 10 times less water than cotton and whose regenerative capacities enrich soils and maintains ecosystems.

The use of hemp is very far from revolutionary, humans have been using hemp for cloth and food for more than 10000 years, and in papermaking for more than 2000 years. From Spain to China, Iran, or France, hemp cultivations have been part of the oldest human industry. For instance, in the UK, until the 1920’s 80% of clothing was composed of hemp. It also forms part of Modern culture: The original ‘Levi’s’ jeans were made from Hemp cloth as well as canvases (the ones with which the great painting masters used).

The taboo and confusion about hemp has only spread in the last century; we now know that the misinformation about this plant (in many countries it is still illegal to cultivate it) has a parallel history with the lobby of Oil and petroleum-based synthetic textiles.

Nuestro cáñamo es salvaje.

Crece en la región himalaya de Bajura, donde comunidades locales guardan artesanía tradicional especializada en cáñamo.

Our collaboration implies the preservation both of natural ecosystems (hemp grows wild in the Himalaya, it is not artificially cultivated) and the cultural heritage of our collaborators which has been threatened by faster and cheaper textile materials and techniques since globalization.

Retrieving wild hemp implies taking care of Nepali environmental and social rhythms that are traditionally sustainable.


-Doesn’t need pesticides nor fertilizers: just soil, water, and sun
-Consumes 10 times less water than cotton
-Absorbs CO2 from the air and regenerates poor soils, maintaining ecosystems
-The fiber is durable and biodegradable
-Has great thermal protection: In winter keeps warmth, in summer keeps the interior fresh
-Blocks UV rays



Hemper Made in NEPAL